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Abscess Page - Methods for treating abscesses. Also read Hoof Soaking Techniques, and Hoof Soaking Solutions

Back Casts for Saddle Fitting - Directions for making a plaster cast of your horses back to assist in saddle shopping.

Concavity after flare removal - Interesting case study showing how a horse barefoot for years gained concavity in 4 weeks after applying a wall bevel.

Crack from Coronet Injury - Case Study showing the rehab of a hoof with a dramatic wall crack.

Concussion Studies - Scientist Luca Bein research at the University of Zurich in 1983

Educational Material List - A summary of educational materials. Need to grow so email me your favorites!

Wall Flare - There are various ways of managing flare, and most work fine. Here's my take on it!


Gravel Crunchers - A pictorial description of what a Gravel Cruncher really is!

Herbs for Horse Health - These are a friends notes, information she picked up from various posts and web pages. There are other much more comprehensive herbal sites out there, so if something below looks promising, I suggest that it be researched thoroughly. I'd love to expand this summary with more contributions, so please email me any additions!

Hoof Soaking Techniques , Hoof Soaking Solutions and Hoof Soaking w. Clean Trax - Valuable soaking advice.

Listening to Horses - My story on how I got started on my Barefoot Hoofcare Provider journey at the ripe age of 50, when my pretty boy Gavilan sat on my farrier to emphasize how seriously he wanted to stay barefoot.

Passive Hoof Conditioning - Passive Conditioning is providing an environment where your horses feet are stimulated to grow stronger and healthier, ways to make your horses living environment more "hoof friendly".

Homeopathy Notes - Information on Homeopathy for horses

Fly Spray - A good fly spray recipe

Riding & Driving on Roads Barefoot - Essay on the logic of riding barefoot on paved surfaces.

THRUSH! - Essay on how Thrush can distort the hoof capsule and impact soundness and movement. Includes treatment suggestions.

Tool Use - Rasps - Tips on using the rasp

Tips for Taking Great X-Rays - Suggestions for getting X-Rays that help with trimming. I need an experts help with this article, because I'm not that good at reading X-Rays... yet!!

Tough Transitions - This recent article has information that may be helpful to people going through a transition with a horse that is marginally sound.

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