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Azure's Last Chance Becomes Azure's Joyful Dance

October 5, 2006 Azure's History
October 5, 2006 - The Trim
November 13, 2006 - Second Trim
January 29, 2007 Overview - Four Month Report

January 29 - Let's Dance!

Before we trimmed him in October, Azure was an extremely uncomfortable fellow, and now? After a quick trim on January 29th, we turned him out in his paddock so he could show us how good he felt. These pictures show Azure's joy and enthusiasm - his comfort has been restored, his feet are his own again, and... Life is good!

Those of us with sharp eye for movement take a close look at these pictures, we can see the signs that Azure's rehab period is still in process. He still lands a bit toe first, and years of unsoundness have undoubtedly left joint changes that we won't be able to repair.

When we check out his attitude in these pictures? We see a horse feeling good, dancing with his human buddies. Who cares if he isn't perfect yet. He's perfectly fine. He's happy, comfortable and loves to play. Valerie ponies him on the trail in boots, and he moves out with loose relaxed muscles.... he loves life.

He needs digital cushion development and his sole, wall and frogs have a long way to go, but they've got a great start.

Thanks for letting me help Azure, Valerie... And thanks for working so hard with the boots and trimming.... it paid off, didn't it?

Grab a hankie, Laura and Judy..... You both deserve part of the credit for this turn-around champs success.







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